ZDHC LEVEL 3 Certificate Biopolishing neutral enzyme TS-208A

Biopolishing enzyme is a liquid neutral cellulase, a highly concentrated liquid neutral cellulase that is naturally fermented by genetically modified microorganisms and is biodegradable. It is suitable for the hair removal and polishing of cellulose fiber fabrics and their blends, as well as the enzymatic washing and nostalgic finishing of denim clothing. It can effectively remove the exposed fluff on the cloth surface, making the surface of the fabric smooth and smooth. During use, it has low dye back dyeing, making the fabric more shiny and brightly-colored, and can also avoid the loss of strength caused by acidic cellulose on the fabric.

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Biopolishing Enzyme TS-208A


Cellulase, protein stabilizer, etc.


  • Brown solution

  • Odor: Fermented incense

  • PH: 6.0- 7.0

  • Solubility: Can be dissolved in warm water


  • Biopolishing enzyme TS-208A suitable for a wide range of pH, and can be used at pH 4.0-8.0. Generally, it is not necessary to adjust pH during processing.

  • It can be adapted to a wide range of temperature, with good application effects at 30-60℃,and the better temperature is 40-60

  • Biopolishing enzyme TS-208A has a good effect on polyester/cotton blended fabrics, linen and ramie fabrics

  • The polishing finishing process and the dyeing process are completed in one bath, which saves time and energy while ensuring product quality


  • Enzyme consumption: 0.2%-0.6% o.w.f

  • Processing time: 30-120min

  • Operating temperature: 40-60℃, best temperature: 45-50℃

  • Inactivation: Use sodium carbonate to increase the pH of the solution to 6.0-8.0, and at the same time heat up to 65-80°C, keep it for at least 10-15 minutes, and then rinse the fabric twice to proceed to the next step.

Packaging and storage:

  • Since biological polishing is a kind of enzyme, high temperature will denature it and lose its vitality. Please pay attention to the storage temperature and store in a cool warehouse. Avoid long-term storage in an environment above 30°C. It is stable when stored for three months at a temperature below 25°C

  • 30kg plastic drum

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