Water and oil repellent for clothing at the room temperature

Water and oil repellent TS-F8 it can help you solution your fabric water proof at 1min to 2min.has very low surface tension.suitable for cotton, blended spinning, polyester, nylon. It is an ECO product.

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Water repellent chemical

Product appearance

Exterior: Milky white liquid or yellowish soild

Ionic: cation


Performance and characteristics

  1. Water repellent has a certain plump and thick feel
  2. Very excellent water repellent function, enhance the water and oil repellent function of the fabric
  3. Color change is small, yellowing is low
  4. Washable, not dry-cleaning

Scope of application

It is suitable for durable water repellent and oil proof processing of cotton fabric

Operation process

  • Polyester fabric: 3-10g/L  Time : 1-2 min  Temp : 30~170°C
  • Nylon fabric : 3-15g/L  Time : 1-2 min  Temp : 30~170°C
  • Mix of polyester and Cotton : 3-15g/L  Time : 2min  Temp : 30~150°C


If the package is opened, please use it up as soon as possible. If it is not used up, it needs to be sealed for next use. Do not mix with other products to prevent reaction.


  • Non-dangerous goods, 125kg plastic drum with built-in plastic bag
  • Sealed and stored in a ventilated and cool place, avoid high temperature and sun exposure, storage period is six months

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