Textile finishing Fluffing Agent

Suitable for all kinds of wool cleaning and penetration, it has a strong puffing, loose, emulsifying, cleaning and other points, and anti-static to prevent stain feel soft, plump, non-felt shrinkage and other functions

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Textile finishing Fluffing Agent TS-ES

Data sheet:

  1.Appearance:Yellowish thick;
  2.Solubility:Soluble in water;
  4.PH value:6.0±1;
  5.composition:disperse polyester;
  6.Sugar content:15


 1. Non-ionic & High temperature resistant, can be dyed in same bath, feeling fluffy and soft;
 2. Good hygroscopicity & perspiration;
 3. Good antistatic performance;
 4. suitable for fluffy finishing of Denim and sweaters


 1. Immersion method:Dyeing in same bath, adding 1% chemical fiber Fluffing Agent;
 2. Dip rolling method:5-20g/L;

Packaging & Storage:

  1. Non-dangerous goods, 125kg plastic drum with built-in plastic bag
  2. Sealed and stored in a ventilated and cool place, avoid high temperature and sun exposure, storage period is one year

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