Textile Enzyme Powder

TS-400 Enzymes Powder It is a technical product that can replace pumice stone or reduce pumice stone usage. Cost-saving effect

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Enzyme powder TS-400

Data sheet:

  1.Appearance:Yellowish powder;
  2.Solubility:Soluble in water;
  3.Formation: Cellulase complex;
  4.PH value:6.5 - 7.0(1% aqueous solution);


 1.Use at room temperature, fast blooming speed, instead of stone, to achieve jeans destruction effect;
 2.The cloth surface is clean and the texture is clear, similar to the effect of pumice stone;
 3.Neutral enzyme,not harm elasticity;


1.Reduce the process flow, reduce the amount of stone, or replace stone;
2.Reduce washing time, save electricity and labor costs, in line with sustainable development;
3.Reduce defective rate, Protect fiber elasticity, not harm fiber;
4.Environmentally friendly, Save electricity and reduce emissions;


 1.Use at room temperature (25℃ to 40℃ or 77°F to 104°F) If the water temperature exceeds, please add anti-dyeing products appropriately
 2.In order to ensure the anti-dyeing effect, it is recommended to use our TS-V9 anti-dye powder;

Packing & Storage:

1. Non-dangerous goods.
2. 100g/bag, 40kg/plastic bucket;
3. Sealed & stored in cool、dry and ventilated place.
4. Avoid high temperature and insolation,
5. Storage period: half year.
6.Once package opened, please use it up ASAP. or sealed for next use. Do not mix with other products to prevent reaction.

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