Contretration anti back staining agent especially pocket

Anti Back Staining Agent TS- V10 is removes indigo dye back staining performance, making the pocket cleaner and whiter, and the contrast between blue and white is clearer.

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Anti Back Staining Agent TS-V10

Basic parameters

  • Applicable industry:washing plant/dyeing plant/paper mill/paper support Plant/handicraft plant
  • Appearance:White to slightly yellow powder
  • PH value:5.0-7.0
  • Solubility:soluble in water
  • Ionic:cation
  • Chemical composition:Highly concentrated polymer

Characteristic performance

  1. In denim washing desizing and enzyme washing process, anti back staining effect is good.
  2. Anti back staining agent V10 significant anti back staining effect on fabric pockets.
  3. Anti back staining agent V10 is an environmentally friendly product and does not contain prohibited ingredients such as APEO.
  4. It can be used in a wide temperature range, such as room temperature to 80℃.

Operation process

  1. Recommended usage: 1-1.5% o.w.f (for fabric weight)
  2. Temperature: room temperature to 80℃
  3. Ratio: 1:10-15
  4. Recommended dosage: 0.5-1g/l (for the volume of water)


If the package is opened, please use it up as soon as possible. If it is not used up, it needs to be sealed for next use. Do not mix with other products to prevent reaction.

Packaging and storage

  1. Non-dangerous goods, 25KG/bag
  2. Sealed and stored in a ventilated and cool place, avoid high temperature and sun exposure, storage period is one year

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