Super Softener Flake In Textile Industry cold water soluble

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Super Softener flake 

Physical and chemical indicators:

 Composition: Fatty acid imidazoline compound

  Appearance: light yellow flakes

  PH value: 4.0-6.0 (6-10% slurry)

  Ionicity: cation

Dilution method:

Cold water compound: Add 6-10% of the softener flake gradually to the water at about 30 ℃ under stirring, stir for 3-5min to disperse it, let it stand and soak for 2-4h, and then stir at low speed until it becomes a uniform slurry. spare.

Warm water: Add 6-10% of the softener flake to room temperature water under stirring, stir for 3-5min, then gradually heat to 60-70 ℃, continue to stir at a low speed until it becomes a uniform slurry, cool and reserve


Padding type: 2-3g / L, temperature 30-40 ℃, two-dip two-roll or one-dip one-roll.

 Exhaust type: 0.3-0.8% (o.w.f), bath ratio 1: 10-15, temperature 40-50 ℃, 15-30min.

Application characteristics:

Suitable for softness of needle, shuttle, polyester / cotton fabrics, it can also give the clothes a soft and smooth effect when washed.

Can be used for yarn lubrication, sanding, and fluffing to make fluffing smooth.

 Excellent softness and smoothness when finishing cotton and chemical fiber products.

Storage and packaging:

Store in well ventilated dry and cool place for 12 months.

Package is 25kg / bag, plastic weave.

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