Finishing chemicals cationic softener flake in textiles

Softener Flake is suitable for the soft treatment of cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber, wool and their blends. It can give the fabric a soft, full and smooth feel, with a very low yellowing. It is a finishing chemical product that is used in large quantities in textiles.

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Softener Flake TS 827

Data sheet:

  1.Appearance:light white;
  2.Solubility:Soluble in water;
  3.Ionic:weak cation;
  4.PH value:3.0 - 5.0 (5-10%);


 1.Soft finishing agent of dyeing cotton、blended yarn and fabric in textile.
 2.Soft and fluffy finishing chemicals of denim、water wash cloth、sweater and other fabrics of the washing plant in textile.
 3.Softener flake used in Towel factory, can make the towel more plump、soft、loose thick.


 1.Have strong universality、High cost performance、Soft and thick handle when uesd textile finishing agent.
 2.Softener flake have an acid resistant、Electrolyte resistant、Stable emulsion, no stratification & floating oil, can be used in cylinders.
 3.Finishing chemicals softener flake have a quick water solubility, can be normal temperature hydration material, foam less.
 4.Good compatibility and can be used in same bath with silicone oil and other finishing chemicals in textile

Packaging and storage:

 1. Non-dangerous goods.
 2. 25kg/plastic woven bag.
 3. Sealed & stored in cool、ventilated place (25-30 ℃);
 4. Avoid high temperature and insolation,
 5. Storage period: one year.

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