Softener flake for dyeing plant low yellowing finishing chemicals

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Softener flake (for dyeing plant)

Physical and chemical indicators:

Composition: fatty acid organic amine compound

Appearance: light yellow flakes

PH value: 4.0-5.5 (10% slurry)

Ionicity: Weak cation

Dilution method:

Hot water: Put the softener flake/soft tablets into normal temperature water at a ratio of 5% - 10%, stir while raising the temperature to 65℃-75℃, then keep it warm and stir for 20-30 minutes to a uniform slurry state, seal (to prevent the diluent from forming a skin) and cool spare.


Padding type (one dip and one padding or two dips and two padding): Dosage: 20-50g/L (10% dilution) Rolling residue rate (pick up): 60%-100%

Exhaust type: Dosage: 2%-5% (owf) (10% dilution)  Process: normal temperature ~ 40°C × (5 ~ 30) min  Liquor ratio: 1:6~1:20

Application characteristics:

  • Outstanding soft and fluffy feel, suitable for use as finishing softener in dyeing factories of all types of needle and woven fabrics.
  • Excellent resistance to salt, alkali and hard water.
  • Product has low viscosity, low foaming and low yellowing.

Suitable for all types of 100% cotton, polyester/cotton fabrics, both knitted and woven.

Storage and packaging:

Store in a cool warehouse with a storage period of 9 months;

Package is 25kg / bag, plastic woven bag.

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