softener beads

The softener beads TS-401 with good soft pearl whiteness and low color change can be used in the soft finishing process or washing process of various cellulose fibers and their blends,which can improve the hand feel and service performance of fabrics or garments

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Softener beads TS-401

Basic parameters

  • Composition:fatty hydrocarbon polymer
  • Appearance:light white bead
  • Ionic:cation
  • PH value(5% aqueous solution):4.0-5.5

Performance and characteristics

Give the fabric a good soft,full feel

Scope of application

  1. Suitable for all kinds of fibers and fabrics
  2. It is suitable for the soft treatment of cotton,polyester cotton, rayon, jeans and blended 
  3. Used for handle finishing of yarn and sweater
  4. It is applicable to dyeing plant and washing plant

Packaging and storage

  1. 25Kg plastic woven bag packaging
  2. Sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place,avoiding direct sunlight, with a storage period 
    of 12 month

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