Textile finishing agent Softener for cotton polyester towels

Textile finishing agent softeners are chemicals that can change the static and dynamic friction of fibers. after textile finishing process the fabric is easy to deform to get soft and have good hydrophilic with chemical auxiliary in textile.

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Textile finishing agent softener TS YR

Basic data:

  1.Appearance:light yellow viscous body;
  2.Solubility:Soluble in water;
  4.PH value:6.0;
  5.Sugar content:2
  6.Effective substance:20%

Characteristics and advantages

  1. Finishing agent softener have excellent hydrophilicity and wide compounding for textile,it can be used in same bath with optical brightener agent and glue.
  2. Finishing chemicals can give fabric soft and full hand feeling with a small yellowing in textile.
  3. Fabric finishing chemical have good stability, Can be used in cylinder.
  4. Silicone softening agent does not reduce the whiteness and color fastness of fibers and fabrics.

Application scope

The softener is a textile finishing chemicals used in cotton and polyester fiber blended textiles to improve the wet and dry rubbing fastness of clothing fabrics. Generally can bring good flexibility.


 1.Immersion method manufacturers recommemded dosage:1-5% O.W.F

 2.Dip rolling method manufacturers recommeded dosage:10-50g/L

Packaging and storage:

 1. Non-dangerous goods.
 2. 120kg/plastic bucket with built-in bag.
 3. Sealed & stored in cool、dry and ventilated place.
 4. Avoid high temperature and insolation,
 5. Storage period: half year.

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