The main components of softener are special structure copolymers

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Softener TS-YR

Basic parameters

  • Appearance:light yellow viscous body
  • Ionic:anioni
  • PH value:about 6.0
  • Solubility:soluble in water
  • Sugar content:2
  • Effective substance:20%

Characteristics and advantages

  1. It has excellent hydrophilicity and wide compounding, and can be used in the same bath with whitening agent and glue
  2. It can give the fabric a soft and full hand feeling with a small yellowing
  3. It has good stability and can be used in cylinder

Application scope

Suitable for all kinds of natural and synthetic fibers

Reference quantity

  • Immersion method:1-5%(o.w.f
  • Dip rolling method:10-50g/L

Packaging and storage

  1. Conventional packaging:120kg, plastic barrel lined with plastic bag
  2. It shall be sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place with a shelf life of 6 months

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