Soft Flake

Soft Flake suitable for the soft treatment of cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber, wool and their blends. It can give the fabric a soft, full and smooth feel, with a very low yellowing coefficient, good salt, alkali and electrolyte resistance. It does not contain AEEA and APEO

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Soft flake RT-600


  1.Appearance: light white;
  2.Solubility:Soluble in water;
  3.Ionic:weak cation;
  4.PH value:3.0 - 5.0 (5-10%)

Application scope:

1.Soft finishing for dyeing cotton、blended yarn and other fabric;
2.Washing plant's Soft and fluffy finishing,like denim, water wash cloth, sweater and other fabrics;
3.Towel factory use, after finishing can make towel plump, soft,loose thick;


 1. Have strong universality、high cost performance、soft and thick handle;
 2. Acid resistant、electrolyte resistant、stable emulsion、no stratification without       floating oil, can be used in cylinders;
 3.Quick water solubility, can be normal temperature hydration material,less foam;
 4.Have good compatibility to be used in the same bath with silicone oil and other         finishing agents.

Packaging and storage:

  1.  Non-dangerous goods.25kg/bag
  2. . Sealed & stored in cool、dry and ventilated place(25-30 ℃).
  3. . Avoid high temperature and insolation,
  4.  Storage period: 12 mouths.

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