Sodium Thiosulfate

As a common name of sodium thiosulfate, DASUDA is also called Haibo and hyposulfite,with five crystal waters (na2s2o3.5h2o), so it is also called sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate,which is tasteless and colorless transparent crystal,deliquescent in humid air,soluble in water,and weak alkaline aqueous solution

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Sodium thiosulfate

Basic parameters.

  1. Name:Sodium thiosulfate
  2. Name:sodium hyposulfite.
  3. Chemical formula:Na2S2O3
  4. Melting point :48 ℃
  5. CAS Registry Number:7772-98-7
  6. Molar mass:158.09774 g·mol⁻¹

Application scope

  1. In the textile printing and dyeing industry,sodium bicarbonate is used as dechlorination agent,bleaching agent and dyeing agent for cotton fabrics after bleaching The manufacture of sulfur dyes,anti white agents of indigo dyes and dye intermediates
  2. In papermaking industry,baking soda is used as dechlorination agent after pulp bleaching;
  3. Used as fixer in the photographic industry.
  4. It can be used as reductant of dichromate, neutralizer of nitrogen-containing tail gas, mordant,wheat straw and wool bleaching,dechlorination agent when pulp bleaching.
  5. It is used for the manufacture of tetraethyl lead,dye intermediates and the extraction of silver from ores

Packaging storage

  1.  Generally,plastic woven packaging is used,which is divided into inner and outer layers.
  2.  It should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse.
  3.  It shall be protected from sun exposure and rain during transportation, and shall not be stored and transported together with acids and oxidants


  1. Cause severe burns
  2. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately
  3. Wear suitable gloves and eye and face protection equipment
  4. See a doctor immediately in case of an accident or discomfort, and show the label if possible

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