Sodium sulphate

Sodium sulfate,inorganic compound,also known as mirabilite,white,odorless,bitter crystal or powder,hygroscopic.The shape is colorless, transparent,large crystal or granular small crystal.Mainly used in detergent,desiccant,dye diluent,water glass,glass,enamels,paper pulp,refrigeration mixture,analytical chemical reagent,pharmaceutical products,etc

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Sodium sulphate

Basic parameters

  • Alternative name:Thenardite
  • Chemical formula:Na2SO4

  • Molecular weight:142.04

  • Melting point:884℃

  • Boiling point:1404℃
  • Water solubility:soluble in water

  • Density:2.68g/cm3

  • Appearance:colorless and transparent crystal

  • CAS:7757-82-6

Application scope

  1. Chemical industry is used to manufacture sodium sulfide sodium silicate water glass and other 
    chemical products
  2. A cooking agent used in the manufacture of kraft paper pulp in the paper industry
  3. Glass industry is used to replace soda ash as a cosolvent
  4. Textile industry is used for blending vinylon spinning coagulant
  5. It is mainly used as filling material of synthetic detergent.A cooking agent used in the 
    manufacture of kraft pulp in the paper industry.The glass industry replaces soda ash.The chemical 
    industry is used as raw materials for the manufacture of sodium sulfide,sodium silicate and other 
    chemical products.Textile industry is used for blending vinylon spinning coagulation bath.The 
    pharmaceutical industry is used as a laxative.It is also used in nonferrous metallurgy,leather and 
    other fields
  6. It is used in chemical industry,paper industry,glass industry,dyestuff industry,printing and 
    dyeing industry,pharmaceutical industry,synthetic fiber industry,leather industry,nonferrous 
    metallurgy industry,porcelain glaze industry, is also used as additive in detergent and soap 

Packaging storage

  1. Generally,25kg plastic woven bags are used,with two layers inside and outside
  2. Storage mainly includes fixed-point storage and mobile storage, as well as bagged storage and 
    bulk storage


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