Sodium Pyrosulfite

Sodium metabisulfite is a white or yellow crystalline powder or small crystal,with strong SO2 smell and specific gravity of 1.4. It is soluble in water and the aqueous solution is acidic.When contacting with strong acid,SO2 will be released to generate corresponding salts. If it is kept in the air for a long time,it will be oxidized to na2s2o6,so the product cannot be kept for a long time.Above 150 ℃,SO2 will be decomposed

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Sodium pyrosulfite

Basic parameters

  1. Name:Sodium Pyrosulfite 
  2. Chemical formula:Na2S2O5
  3. Molecular weight:190.09cas     
  4. Melting point:150 degrees
  5. Water solubility:soluble
  6. Density:1.48
  7. Appearance:white powder

Application scope

   1. It is used as chromatographic analysis reagent, preservative and reducing agent, and in dyestuff and pharmaceutical industry.
   2. The food industry is used as bleaching agent, preservative, loosening agent, antioxidant, color protecting agent and fresh-keeping agents.

  3. The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce chloroform, phenylpropanesulfone and benzaldehyde. The rubber industry is used as a coagulant. The printing and dyeing industry is used as dechlorination agent and scouring agent for cotton cloth after bleaching. Leather industry is used for leather treatment, which can make leather soft, plump, tough, waterproof, folding resistant, wear-resistant and other properties. Chemical industry is used to produce hydroxyvanillin, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, etc. The photosensitive industry is used as developer, etc.
   4. Textile industry is used for blending vinylon spinning coagulant.
   5. Used in printing and dyeing, organic synthesis, printing, leather making, pharmaceutical and other departments; used as preservative, bleaching agent, loosening agent in food processing, also used in organic synthetic pharmaceuticals and spices.

   6. It is used for the purification of insurance powder,sulfamethazine,caprolactam, chloroform,phenylpropylsulfone and benzaldehyde.The photographic industry is used as a fixer ingredient.The perfume industry is used to produce vanillin.It is used as antiseptic in brewing industry,dechlorination agent after bleaching cotton cloth and rubber coagulant.Organic intermediates,dyestuffs,leather industry are used as reducing agents in electroplating industry,wastewater treatment in oil field,as well as ore dressing agents used in mines, etc.

Packaging storage

   1.Generally,25kg plastic woven bags are used,with two layers inside and outside.
   2.It shall be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse or goods shed


  1. Harmful if swallowed see a doctor immediately after taking it by mistake and show the container and label
  2. Release toxic gas in case of acid
  3. Serious damage to eyes wash eyes with plenty of water immediately after contact and seek medical advice
  4. Wear suitable face and eye protection equipment

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