Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate(Na2CO3),molecular weight 105.99.The purity of chemicals is more than99.5%(mass fraction),also known as soda ash, but it is classified as salt,not alkali.Also known as soda or soda ash in international trade.It is an important organic chemical raw material, mainly used in the production of flat glass,glass products and ceramic glaze.It is also widely used in domestic washing,acid neutralization and food processing

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Soda ash (sodium carbonate)

Basic parameters

  1. Common name:soda, soda ash, washing alkali 
  2. Chemical formula:Na2CO3  
  3. Density:2.532g/cm3 
  4. Melting point:850℃
  5. Decomposition temperature:1744℃ 
  6. Molecular weight:105.99
  7. Boiling point:1600℃
  8. CAS:497-19-8

Application scope

Sodium carbonate is one of the important chemical raw materials.It is widely used in the fields of 
light industry,daily chemical industry,building materials,chemical industry,food 
industry,metallurgy,textile,petroleum,national defense,medicine and so on.It is also used in the 
fields of photography and analysis as well as in the fields of cleaning materials,detergents and 
detergents for manufacturing other chemicals.

  1. As a detergent,it is used in wool rinsing,bath salt,medicine and tanning.
  2. The printing and dyeing industry is used as soft water agent.
  3. Leather industry is used to degrease raw leather,neutralize chrome tanned leather and improve the 
    alkalinity of chrome tanning liquid.

Packaging storage

  1. Generally,50kg plastic woven bags are used,with two layers inside and outside.
  2. It shall be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse or goods shed.

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