Soaping fastness level 5 and ZDHC LEVEL 3 Fixing agent TS-539

Fixing agent TS-539 can improve the wet fastness of the product, and when used with our TS-601, it can provide the product with 4.5 dry and wet fastness standards.

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Fixing agent TS-539


  • Derivative of Cationic polymer 

Physical Appearance:

  • Yellowish liquid
  • Ionicity: Cationic
  • PH: 5.0-7.0 


  • Fixing agent TS-539 can improve wet fastness of sulfur dye and direct dye indigo dyed fabrics. 
  • The color change is minimal, which does not affect the original style of the fabric
  • After treatment, the fastness to washing and soaking were significantly improved


  • Before the fixation treatment, please rinse the dyed fabric fully (soaping if necessary) to remove the residual dyes, salts and alkalis, so as to ensure the subsequent fixation effect.

Impregnation method :

  • Fixing agent Ts-539: 0.3~1% o.w.f
  • Bath ratio: 1:10
  • Temperature & time: 30 ℃ ~50℃(86℉~122℉)× 3~5min Dyed cloth → immerse in 30℃ ~50℃(86℉~122℉) TS-539 solution, run for 5 ~ 8min → wash → dry


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