Eco-friendly natural fiber fabric soaping agent in textile

Soaping agent is a kind of environmental protection soap with high cost performance. It has strong chelating and dispersing power and the ability to adsorb dyes.

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Soaping agent TS-618

Basic parameters

  • Applicable industry:washing plant/dyeing plant/printing plant
  • Ionic:Anion
  • Appearance:light to yellow transparent liquid
  • PH value:9.0~10.5
  • Solubility:soluble in water

Product characteristics

  1. Soaping agent is high Concentrated product, with a small dosage, can achieve soaping effect in textile.
  2. Textile soaping agent has good washing fastness and rubbing fastness.
  3. Soaping agent can reduce the number of washing, energy saving and emission reduction.
  4. Not affected by electrolyte, good salt resistance, good soaping effect,
  5. Soaping agent shorten the art process and improve production efficiency.

Operation process

  • Used for soaping of cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber and blended fabric after dyeing and printing. It can effectively remove floating color on dyed fabrics, improve color fastness, and prevent re-contamination of dyes that fall off during soaping
  • The general dosage is 0.5-2g/L, and the amount of dark color should be increased appropriately according to the experimental results


If the package is opened, please use it up as soon as possible. If it is not used up, it needs to be sealed for next use. Do not mix with other products to prevent reaction.

Packaging storage

  1. Non-dangerous goods, 125kg plastic drum with built-in plastic bag
  2. Sealed and stored in a ventilated and cool place, avoid high temperature and sun exposure, storage period is one year

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