Soaping agent

This product is a kind of environmental protection soap with high cost performance. It has strong chelating and dispersing power and the ability to adsorb dyes. It is suitable for pretreatment, dyeing, soaping and other processes in the printing and dyeing industry

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Soaping agent TS-618

Basic parameters

  • Applicable industry:washing plant/dyeing plant/printing plant
  • Ionic:anionbr
  • Appearance:light to yellow transparent liquid br
  • PH value:6.0-9.0br
  • Compound:acrylic polymer

Product characteristics

  1. Compared with similar products in the market, it has high cost performance
  2. It can be used in the pretreatment and refining process to improve the whiteness and wool efficiency of the fabric
  3. In the process of soaping, the floating color on the fiber surface can be removed, and the color fastness of fabric to rubbing and soaping can be significantly improved
  4. Environmental protection products, excluding APEO and other prohibited substances

How to use

  • Wash 1-2 layers with dark and light water, then use this soap to cook
  • For dyeing fabrics:1-3g/L
  • For printed fabrics:4-5g/L

Packaging storage

125kg/50kg plastic barrel packaging

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