Finishing agent Silicone softener in textile industry

Fabric finishing chemicals silicone softener TS-688 is suitable for cotton, linen, silk, wool polyester, acrylic denim and other fabrics, excellent hydrophilic giving the fabric a fluffy, thick and smooth feel in textile finishing process. manufacturers can customize according to the purchaser's silicon softener solid content requirements.

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Silicone Softener  TS 688

Basic Information:

  1. Appearance:white solution
  2. PH value:3.0-6.0(1% aqueous solution)
  3. Solid content: ≥40

Product Features:

  1. Silicone softener suitable for the finishing of cotton, linen, silk, wool polyester, acrylic denim and other fabrics.
  2. Fabric finishing chemicals TS-688 Suitable for washing towels and denim garments
  3. It give the fabric a fluffy, thick and smooth feel with finishing chemicals in textile.
  4. Finishing agent silicone softener have a good hydrophilicity, anti-static property, basically no yellowing in textile.

Operation process

  • Dipping method: Manufacturer's recommended dosage 0.3~0.5%(owf)
  • Padding method: Manufacturer's recommended dosage: 30~50g/L(1:10 dilution)


If the package is opened, please use it up as soon as possible. If it is not used up, it needs to be sealed for next use. Do not mix with other products to prevent reaction.

Packaging & Storage:

  1. Non-dangerous goods, 125kg plastic drum with built-in plastic bag packaging
  2. Sealed and stored in a ventilated and cool place, avoid high temperature and exposure, storage period is one year

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