Cation silicone Oil of finishing agent for textile

Textile finishing agent silicone Oil TS-12 is a emulsion particles are finer and more stable, and distribute evenly when they penetrate into the fiber.widely used in textile finishing chemicals.

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Textile finishing agent silicone Oil TS-12


  1.Exterior:Yellow transparent to translucent viscous liquid
  2.Solubility:Soluble in water


  1. Finishing agent silicone oil TS-12 Can give chemical fiber and blended fabrics a fluffy, super soft, smooth feel for textile.
  2. Silicone oil TS-12 finishing chemicals is a high concentration, affordable price, can be diluted with water.
  3. Textile finishing chemicals silicone oil Contains little solvent, does not affect fastness, and has a wide range of applications, low yellowing.

Operation process:

  1. Dilution process: 1:8 water, stir and emulsify evenly, add 1:6 water to dilute evenly and then use
  2. Padding process: Diluent, 20-50 g/L of padding, shaped finished product
  3. Dipping process:Diluent, 2-5%

Packaging & Storage:

 1. Non-dangerous goods.
 2. 125kg/plastic bucket with built-in bag.
 3. Sealed & stored in cool、dry and ventilated place.
 4. Avoid high temperature and insolation,
 5. Storage period: half year.
 6.Once package opened, please use it up ASAP. or sealed for next use. Do not mix with other products to prevent reaction.

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