Non-ion softener flake

Physical and chemical indicators:

Composition: fatty acid and polyol compounds

Appearance: white to light yellow flakes

PH value: 6.0-8.0 (8-10% slurry)

Ionicity: Nonionic

Dilution method:

Add the softener flake to room temperature water at a ratio of 5-8%, and gradually heat up to 70-80 ° C until completely dissolved during stirring (required

15-30min), in a uniform slurry state, cooling and standby.


Dip-rolling type: 2-3g / L, temperature 30-40 ℃, two-dip two-roll or one-dip one-roll;

Exhaust method: 0.3-0.8% (o.w.f), bath ratio 1: 10-15, temperature 40-50 ℃, 15-30min.

Application characteristics:

Mainly used for the bleaching and soft finishing of yarns, fabrics, etc. with strict requirements. Not only can it be endowed with excellent soft feel, surface lubricity, elasticity, and to make the textile feel full; also, to the whiteness and shade of textiles And color fastness has no adverse effects.

Storage and packaging:

Store in a cool place with a storage period of 12 months;

Package is 25kg / bag, plastic woven bag.

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Application Guidance