Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes.there are chemical active groups in the molecule,which can react with cotton,wool and other fibers in aqueous solution to form a co bond dye.It has high fastness to washing.Bright color,complete chromatography,low pricesimple dyeing process,good levelness.

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Reactive dyes

Application scope

  1. Cellulose fiber.
  2. Protein fiber.
  3. Polyamide fiber.
  4. Polyester and other fibers.

Functional use

  1. Reactive dyes are one of the best choices to replace banned dyes and other cellulose dyes,such as sulfurized dyes,ice dyes and vat dyes.
  2. It is can obtain high level of fastness,especially wet fastness,with economic dyeing process and simple dyeing operation.
  3. It is have wide chromatogram,bright color,excellent performance and strong applicability.Their color phase and performance basically meet the requirements of the market for fibers and clothing materials.
  4. It is are suitable for the printing and dyeing of new cellulose fiber products.

Packaging and storage

  1. 50kg/barrel,the paper cylinder is lined with plastic bag for packaging.
  2. Sealed storage under normal temperature.

Reactive Dyes Color

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