Polyaluminium chloride

A new kind of water purification material, inorganic polymer coagulant, has a high degree of electro neutralization and bridging effect on colloid and particles in water, and can remove slightly toxic and heavy metal ions strongly, with stable properties. The test method can be tested according to the international standard GB 15892-2003. The polyaluminium chloride is a kind of inorganic high polymer water treatment agent with high molecular weight and high charge, because of the bridging effect of hydroxyl ion and the polymerization effect of multivalent anion

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Polyaluminium chloride

Basic parameters

  • Alternative name:PAC,polyaluminium,polyaluminium chloride

  • Chemical formula:AI2Cl

  • Melting point:190(253kpa)

  • Water solubility:soluble in wate

  • Density:liquid≥1.12

  • Appearance:Yellow

Application scope

  1. Wrinkle resistant cloth
  2. Catalyst carrier
  3. Treatment of industrial wastewater, sewage,sludge and recovery of some slag in sewage
  4. Paper sizing
  5. Industrial water purification
  6. Urban sewage treatment

Packaging storage

  • Storage method:the product must be kept in a dry,moisture-proof and heat-resistant place. During storage and transportation,it should be prevented from toxic substance pollution and High temperature and humidity, and the package should not be damaged
  • Packing specification:This product is made of non-toxic polyethylene plastic bag,plus woven bag,two-layer packing


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