Paint DIY

A paint is a continuous film coated on the surface of a protected or decorated object and can be firmly attached to the coating. It is usually a viscous liquid made of resin, oil or emulsion, added or not added with pigments, fillers, added auxiliaries, and prepared with organic solvents or water.

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Scope of use

The cloth must be made of pure cotton.

Product features

  1. It has high stability and long-lasting color. Even after long-term storage, it will not produce obvious color fading.
  2. It has good dispersibility, and the color of the garment produced with this product has no precipitation.

usage method


  1. Soak the cloth with clear water and squeeze out the excess water.
  2. Bind the cloth into various shapes.
  3. The color you like on the ground.
  4. Seal for one hour, wash and dry


  1. Dye it well and put it in the sealed bag for one hour, take it out and clean it (do not remove the lashings during washing)
  2. Use fixing agent again. Mix 1 bottle of fixing agent with 20 liters of cold water and put in the washed clothes.
  3. Soak for 10-20 minutes (do not remove the lashings during the whole process to avoid color stringing).
  4. After the fixation is completed, disassemble it and wash it, then dry it.

Packaging and storage

  1. 50g/bag
  2. Sealed storage under normal temperature

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