Low yellowing silicone softener with good wrinkle resistant

Silicone softener TS-348 is an amino modified polysiloxane with diamine groups on the side chain, which has strong adsorption to cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other fabric fibers.produce long-lasting softness, smoothness and gloss.

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Silicone softener TS-348

Technical index :

  • Exterior: Colorless transparent to slightly yellow liquid
  • Viscosity (25℃, cps): 200-100000
  • Specific gravity (25℃): 0.965-0.989
  • PH value: 6-8
  • Ammonia value (mmol/g): 0.2-0.3

Product features :

  1. Silicone softener TS-348 have a good non-stick roll property, hydrophilic property, moisture absorption and perspiration property.
  2. Good fluffy, soft and smooth hand feeling.
  3. Silicone softener TS-348 with low yellowing, little effect on shade.
  4. No need of emulsifier emulsion.
  5. It has strong adsorption to fibers, and is resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

Usage and dosage :

It is used for soft finishing of cotton, wool, linen, silk and other knitted textiles. Add amino silicone to the finishing washing liquid and mix it evenly, then it can be used to finish fiber fabrics. Generally 0.3~1% of the washing liquid.

Packaging and storage :

Packing: This product is packed in 50kg and 200kg drums.

Storage: Store in a ventilated, cool and dry place, not in contact with strong acids and alkalis. The service life of this product is 12 months from the date of production.

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