Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride is one of the most basic raw materials in the chemical industry, mainly composed of sodium chloride, sodium nitrite, etc. It is used to produce hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, soda ash, hydrogen, chlorine and other chemical products. Industrial salt can be divided into industrial granular salt and industrial refined salt according to processing or not. Industrial refined salt has higher sodium chloride content and less impurity content

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Sodium chloride

Basic parameters

  • Chemical Name:soda chloride

  • Chemical formula:NaCl 2

  • Water soluble:soluble in water
  • Appearance:white solid

  • Application:production of hydrochloric acid,caustic soda,soda ash,ammonium chloride,chlorine,etc

Application scope

  1. In leather industry, salt dry method is used for antiseptic treatment
  2. Used as heat treatment agent in iron and steel industry
  3. It is used as raw material for the production of alkali and soda ash in dye industry
  4. In metallurgical industry, it is used as chloridizing roasting agent and quenching agent,as well as desulfurizer and clarifier for metal ore treatment
  5. In building materials industry,soda ash made of salt is the main raw material for glass production

Packaging storage

  • Storage method:the product must be kept in a dry, moisture-proof and heat-resistant place.During storage and transportation,it should be prevented from toxic substance pollution exposed to high temperature and humidity, the package should not be damaged
  • Packing specification:This product is made of non-toxic polyethylene plastic bag,plus woven bag, two-layer packing

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