High temperature resistant hydrogen peroxide stabilizer

The hydrogen peroxide stabilizer TS-355 is suitable for the hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cellulose fibers such as cotton and hemp. It is a non-phosphorus, non-toxic and non-silicone bleach stabilizer. It is easily biodegradable and does not form silica scale.

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Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer TS-355

Physical and chemical properties:

  • Appearance: white to transparent liquid
  • Ionicity: Anion
  • PH value: 2-4
  • Effective content: 30%

Product features:

  1. Suitable for one-bath de-boiling and bleaching process, cold-rolled pile and conventional oxygen bleaching process.
  2. The stability of hydrogen peroxide exceeds that of sodium silicate, which makes the hydrogen peroxide decompose slowly during use, which can effectively prevent damage and holes in the fabric during bleaching; and it will not produce difficult-to-remove "silica scale". The whiteness of the fabric after oxygen bleaching High, soft hand feeling.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer is a kind of non-silicone oxygen bleaching stabilizer with high temperature resistance, strong alkali resistance, oxidation resistance and non-toxicity, which is stable to various electrolytes.
  4. Shorten the pre-treatment process.
  5. Can remove dirt on the device.


  • One-bath process of desiccation, scouring and bleaching of cotton knitted fabric: pH value: 10~11, 98℃×60min
  • NaOH (50%)              2~5g/L
  • H2O2(27.5%)            2.5~5g/L
  • Chelating dispersantTS-GSA   1~3g/L
  • Hydrogen peroxide stabilizerTS-355  2~4g/L
  • Scouring penetrant TS-CE 1~3g/L
  • Hydrogen peroxide stabilizerTS-355  2~4g/L

Packaging storage:

125kg/plastic drum. Store in a cool and dark place, storage period is 12 months.

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