Fluorescent Nano Dyes

Fluorescent nano dye is a new type of dye with particle size less than 100nm, excellent color fastness, good process performance and no selectivity for fiber

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Fluorescent Nano Dyes

Product advantages

Bright color, high uniformity, large covering capacity, strong compatibility, good technology, no choice for fiber

Operation process

  1. Pretreatment processDye guide agent:1-5% (generally fabric weight, light color can be reduced) soda ash light : 8-10%  First, add cold water to the dyeing machine, put the ready-made clothes to be dyed into the machine, add dye guide agent for treatment for 10 minutes, add soda ash for 
    treatment for 10 minutes, gradually raise the temperature to 55-60 degrees, and drain the water after treatment for 30 minutes, wash twice with cold water
  2. Dyeing process prescription

   Blue grain color paste: X% (depending on the color)

   Solid slurry: 1-5% (the dosage is the same as that of dye guide agent)

   First put the dyeing machine into cold water, add nano color paste for 10 minutes,   gradually heat up to 70-80 ℃ for 30 minutes, drain         water, wash in cold water twice.  When the requirement of fastness is high, add warm water to the solid slurry for treatment10 minutes        for fixation, water out drying machine

 3. Enzyme washing

 4. Soaping (wash with soda soap and hot water for 10 minutes), soft treatment,           dehydration and drying

Packaging storage

  1. 5kg/pot, plastic pot packaging. 6 pots / box, 30kg carton packing
  2. Sealed storage under normal temperature


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