Cationic dye fixing agent Uesd in Printed and Dyed Textiles

High concentrated TS-2208 is a non-formaldehyde fixing agent used for improving wet fastness of direct, reactive dyeing and printing material.

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Dye fixing agent TS-2208


  1. High concentration Dye fixing agent is one of the important auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing industry;
  2. Color fixing agent can improve the color fastness to wet treatment of dyes on fabrics. 
  3. Dye fixing agent chemistry can improve the color fastness to washing, perspiration and sometimes to sunlight.


  1. PH value: 4.2-6.0
  2. Solubility: soluble in water
  3. Ionic: cation
  4. Yellowish liquid


Detergent Factory、Dyeing factory、Paper Factory( paper support plant)、artwork plant。


  1. Fixing agent is a dyestuff used to improve the color fastness to wet treatment; can improve the fastness to sunlight in textile.

  2. Fixing agent is suitable for printing or dyeing fabrics with various direct and acid soluble dyes.

  3. When the direct dye is used as the background color and the printing color, fixing agent can prevent the background color from permeating.

  4. fabric dye fixing agent can be used as paper dyeing's fixing agent.


  1. Dip in:  Cloth weight:1-4% (o.w.f); Temperature: 60℃; Time 20-30min: ((dehydration and drying)))ratio(dye : water): 1:15-20.
  2. Tie dye: can be finished by Dip in, rolling and drying; Dosage:15-20g/L.

Package & Storage:

  1. Non dangerous goods, 
  2. 125kg/plastic bucket;
  3. Sealed & stored in cool and ventilated place. 
  4. Avoid high temperature and exposure. 
  5. Validity Period: One year.  

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