Direct Dyes Environmental

Direct dyes environmental,which can be directly dissolved in water, have a high degree of directness to cellulose fibers.It is used for dyeing cotton,hemp,rayon and rayon.Complete chromatography, convenient operation

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Environmental Direct Dye

Application scope

Envrionmental Direct dyes are used in all kinds of textile dyeing,depending on the type and shape of the fiber color different dyeing methods. Bulk fiber and yarn dyeing are both dip dyeing,and most of fabric dyeing is produced by roll dyeing and pad dyeing.

Product features

Environmental Direct dyes contain water-soluble groups,and the solubility increases with the temperature.For environmental direct dyes with poor solubility,soda ash can be added.The envrionmental direct dye is dissolved in soft water.If the hardness of dyeing water in production is too high,soda ash or sodium hexametaphosphate can be added, which is not only conducive to dye dissolution,but also has the effect of softening water.

Usage method

Dip dyeing is a kind of method to soak the dye in the dye solution and make the dye gradually absorbed by the fiber through a certain dyeing process.The specific operations are as follows:

  • Dip dyeing of cotton hank

The dyeing of cotton hank with direct dyes has been gradually reduced since the reduction,insoluble azo and sulfurization dyes with better dyeing fastness have been used. However,some colors (such as black) still maintain the advantages of environmental direct dyes.In addition,because some dyes do not have high requirements for color fastness,and the dyeing method of environmental direct dyes is simpler and cheaper,so environmental direct dyes are also used in Hank soaking in some cases.

  • Dip dyeing of viscose strands

Technological process:preparation of  stranding→dyeing→washing→dehydration→fixation→oiling→dehydration→drying.

  • The dip dyeing of silkworm's stranded silk

Technological process:stranding refining→washing→dyeing→washing→dehydration→fixation→washing→oiling→dehydration→drying

  • Dip dyeing of cotton knitted fabric

Technological process:grey cloth preparation→dyeing→washing→paraffin treatment→dehydration→drying.

  • Dip dyeing of wool viscose blended fabric

There are two methods of dyeing wool viscose blended fabrics with direct dyes.One is to use wool and viscose to dye the same color.The other is to dye viscose with the direct dye on the wool cloth to leave the wool white,or to dye the wool with the acid dye first,and then dye the wool with the direct dye to achieve the two-color effect

Packaging and storage

  1. 50kg/barrel,the paper cylinder is lined with plastic bag for packaging.
  2. Sealed storage under normal temperature.

Environmental Direct Dyes

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