Textile direct dyes forcotton and linen in textile industry

Manufacturers will provide various textile dyes according to different requirements. Textile direct dyes is a kind of dyestuff which can be ionized into colored anion in water and can be directly dyed in cellulose or protein fiber without the aid of mordant.

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Textile direct dyes

Applicable industries

Direct dyes mainly used in fiber, silk, cotton spinning, leather and other industries, but also in paper making and other industries.

Product features

  1. The Direct dyes structure contains water-soluble genes, which can be directly soluble in water.
  2. The Direct dyes chromatogram is complete and the color is thick but not brilliant.
  3. Direct dyes at preferential prices.
  4. Textile direct dyes it is widely used and simple to use.
  5. Manufacturers can provide direct dyes in customized colors.

Operation process

  1. dip dyeing
  2. roll dye
  3. pad dyeing

In addition to dip and roll dyeing, direct dyes can also be dip and roll dyeing, which is called pad dyeing for short. Because the fabric after pad dyeing must be fixed by steaming, it is also called rolling and steaming method. The covering power of pad dyeing is the same as that of roll dyeing, which is not as good as rope like dip dyeing, and pad dyeing is not even enough. In addition,some viscose and silk fabrics dyed with direct dyes are generally not suitable for pad dyeing, so only a small amount of direct dyes are used for pad dyeing of cotton fabrics

Packaging storage

  1. 50kg/barrel, packed in plastic bag and paper barrel
  2. Sealed storage under normal temperature

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