Detergent powder

Phosphate free washing powder refers to the washing powder without phosphorus added.Phosphate free washing powder can reduce the discharge of wastewater containing phosphorus and is beneficial to the maintenance of ecological environment by using 4A zeolite and other phosphate free substances as detergent aids.Phosphate free washing powder does not damage the skin,does not pollute the environment,and most importantly,does not damage the skin.

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Phosphate free washing powder

Basic parameters

  • Advantages:no skin damage,environmental protection
  • Scope of application:home,factory,etc
  • Granular:powdery
  • Main ingredients:anionic surfactant
  • Acid or alkaline:alkalinity

Product advantage

  1. Fast dissolution,stronger decontamination and less consumption
  2. Super clean factor,quickly penetrate into fabric,can remove daily stains such as oil stain, sweat stain,blood stain, fruit stain,etc.,and can also disintegrate stubborn stains on collar and cuff
  3. The special detergent can effectively reduce the redeposition of stains and keep the clothes smooth
  4. Natural fragrance makes the whole process of laundry fresh,comfortable and pleasant
  5. Moderate foam, easy rinse,save water and labor

Application scope

It is applicable to the washing of quilt covers,bed sheets,towels,kitchen clothes,tablecloths,napkins,work clothes,heavy dirty cotton,linen fabrics,cotton,polyester,blends and other fabrics of various colors in hotels,hotels,laundries,hospitals,washing plants,dry cleaners,bath centers, factories,household and other occasions

Packaging storage

  1. 25kg plastic woven bags are generally used,with two layers inside and outside
  2. It shall be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse or goods shed

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