Detergent Laundry

Nonionic surfactants are mostly used in washing liquid, pH is close to neutral, it is mild to skin, and after discharged into nature, the degradation is faster than washing powder

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Laundry Detergent

Basic parameters

Name:Laundry Detergent  PH:Neutral

Active ingredients:Surface active agent

Product standards:QB/T 1224  Washing:Hand Washing and Machine washing

Applicable:All kinds of washable clothes  Result:Make clothes fluffy, soft, smooth and bright

Product advantage

  1. High efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving
  2. Protect fabric fibers and human skin
  3. The fabric is more soft, clean and fragrant

Application scope

Suitable for all kinds of washable clothes, including baby clothes

Packaging storage

2 kg or custom packaging

You can also enjoy a full customizable solutions for your special requirements from Tiansheng textile chemical company

Application Guidance