Curing agent hardener

The finished fabric is full of elasticity, which can give the fabric a full, straight and smooth hand feeling.It is not soft and sticky when wet.Suitable for stiff finishing of polyester,chemical fiber and blended fabrics

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Curing agent hardener  TS-7A

Basic parameters

  • Ionic:non-ionic
  • Appearance:colorless to light yellow transparent viscous liquid
  • PH value(1% solution): 6.0-7.0
  • Compound:vinyl acetate copolymer

Product characteristics

  1. high stiffness,good thermal stability,good dispersibility of emulsion
  2. Improve the appearance of the fabric,give the fabric stiff,elastic and full hand
  3. Self crosslinking property,good film formation at low temperature,no yellowing at high temperature

usage and dosage

  1. Preparation of working fluid: three in one resin 15-25%, hardener 3-6%
  2. Process:two immersion and two rolling method(rolling margin 60-80%)-pre baking(90-100℃)-baking(150℃)for 12-15min or soaking for 30min,then drying is not allowed. After wrinkling, curium furnace of 150℃ is used for 15min

Packaging and storage

  1. Conventional packaging:120kg,plastic barrel lined with plastic bag
  2. It shall be sealed and stored in a cool,dry and ventilated place with a shelf life of 6 months

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