Crosslinking agent

Crosslinking agent, also known as bridging agent, is an important part of polyolefin photoresist. The photochemical curing effect of this photoresist depends on the reaction of crosslinking agent with double photosensitive functional groups. After the exposure of crosslinking agent, double free radicals are produced. It interacts with polyolefin resin to form bridge bonds between polymer molecular chains and become insoluble substances with three-dimensional structure

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Crosslinking agent

Basic parameters

  1. PH: 6-8
  2. Appearance: yellowish transparent liquid
  3. Ionic: anionic

Scope of use

Printing plant,washing plant,dyeing plant,sizing plant,dyeing plant, paper support plant,paper products plant.

Characteristics and advantages

  1. The product is environmentally friendly,with lower odor,which is conducive to the health of operators.
  2. It has good compatibility and stability with the glue to prevent the glue from hardening too fast.
  3. Good high temperature resistance,stable storage and transportation after subpackage,no curing problem after subpackage.
  4. After crosslinking,the film has good elasticity,which does not affect the elasticity of the glue,and is more suitable for high elastic fabrics

Instructions for use

It is suitable for printing on all kinds of denim and knitted fabrics.Before use,please add the matching catalyst(dye guide agent crosslinking agent),the dosage is 1-3%. The catalyst(dye guide agent crosslinking agent)must be fully mixed with the size,and the matching catalyst(dye guide agent crosslinking agent)should be used within 1-3 days after being added.After use,the superheater will overheat at 140 ℃ for 2-3 minutes,the press will heat at 150℃ for 10-15 seconds. After overheating,it has high fastness and can be resistant to water washing,stone grinding,enzyme washing and acid pickling.

Packaging and storage

  1. Plastic barrel 125kg packaging.
  2. Store in airtight and cool place,avoid high temperature and insolation, and the storage period is one year

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