Crackle pulp

Crackle pulp is a kind of waterborne polyurethane dispersion, which is suitable for mechanical printing and manual printing

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Crackle pulp

Basic parameters

  • Appearance:white powder
  • PH value:8.0-9.
  • Gloss:Specular
  • Softness:hard
  • Yellowing resistance:Level
  • Solubility:easy to contain in water

Product application

It is suitable for fabric printing and batik,such as denim,chemical fiber cloth,special glove fabric, shoe material,etc


  1. Apply the crack slurry directly on the surface of the jeans
  2. Dry the oven at 60-80℃for about 30-40 minutes,fully dry and achieve the best cracking effect
  3. Spray the monkey--through the water of the monkey and--through the clear water--too soft to get a very natural effect
  4. Control of crack effect
  • The thicker the coating,the lower the drying temperature,the larger the crack and the more obvious the effect
  • The thinner the coating,the higher the drying temperature,the smaller the crack and the less obvious the effect

Packaging and storage

  1. 25Kg plastic woven bag packaging
  2. Store in a cool and ventilated place(25-30℃),avoid direct sunlight,and the storage period is 12 months

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