Complete textile enzyme wash in 20 minutes without desizing

Textile enzyme XP-7 is compounded by concentrated low-temperature cellulase, cold bleaching enzyme, buffer and surfactant. It can replace pumice stone and used for enzymatic washing of denim garments.

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Textile enzyme XP-7

Product appearance

  • Exterior:White or light yellow powder
  • PH:4.5-6 (1% aqueous solution)
  • Solubility: easily soluble in water
  • Product composition: cellulase, cold bleaching enzyme, fatty alcohol polyether mixture, etc.

Product features

  1. Textile enzyme powder XP-7 used for the bio-polishing of cellulose fabrics, and the enzyme washing of jeans and garments, with good results.
  2. The contrast between blue and white yarn is sharp, and indigo has good anti-back staining effect.
  3. The fabric after enzyme washing has less damage, high verticality and smooth feeling.
  4. Eco products, reduce the amount of stone or textile enzyme powder XP-7 can replace stone to improve efficiency.


  • Dosage:0.15-0.3%(o.w.f)(for example:Add 0.15kg-0.3kg to 100kg fabric)
  • Ratio:1:5-15
  • Time:20min-25min
  • Temperature:25℃-45℃

Storage conditions

Storage conditions: sealed in a cool, dry environment, with a shelf life of 12 months.the storage temperature is recommended to be below 30°C

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