Color fixing agent to improve washing fastness 2~3 level

Color Fixing Agent is polymerized by aromatic sulfonic acid condensate, which can form a water-insoluble macromolecular compound with dyes.

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Color fixing agent TS-8

Data Sheet:

  1. Appearance: Yellowish liquid
  2. Effective content: 30%
  3. Ionicity: Anion
  4. PH value: about 6.0-7.0 (1%)
  5. Stability: resistant to hard water, acid and alkali, electrolyte 


 1. Dyeing and Fixing can be proceed in same bath, shorten technical process;
 2. Fixing agent can effectively improve the Color Fastness of the Dyed Fabric,Prevent fabric discoloration in textile.
 3. Dye finishing agent not affect the hue & hand feeling of fabric, no fixation spots.
 4. Dye finishing chemistry can produce dye-resisting effect on Direct Dyes and prevent them from being contaminated on Nylon Fibers.
 5. Color fixing agent can improve Wet Fastness and Washing Fastness, and little effect on color and light touch.
 6. Avoid the problem of Fixing spots caused by conventional cationic Fixing Agents for dyeing.


 1. Ratio: 1:10~15;
 2. Temperature: Normal temperature;
 3. Time: 15~30 min when the PH is lower than 6.0, the effect better;
 4. The above recommended dosage is obtained from laboratory data. For the actual dosage based on actual production requirements.

Packing & Storage:

1. Non-dangerous goods.
2. 125kg/plastic bucket with built-in bag.
3. Sealed & stored in cool、dry and ventilated place.
4. Avoid high temperature and insolation,
5. Storage period: one year.


Once package opened, please use it up ASAP. If not,need to be Sealed & stored and use quickly.NOT mix with other products to prevent reaction.

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