Color Fixing Agent

Color fixing agent is one of the important auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing industry, which can improve the color fastness to wet treatment of dyes on fabrics. It can form insoluble colored fabric with dyestuff on the fabric, which can improve the color fastness to washing, perspiration and sometimes to sunlight

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Color Fixing Agent TS-Y

Basic parameters

  • PH value: 4.2-6.0

  • Solubility: soluble in water

  • Ionic: cation

Applicable industry

Washing plant、dyeing plant、paper plant、paper support plant、artwork plant

Product characteristics

  1. Fixing agent is an assistant used to improve the color fastness to wet treatment of dyes on fabrics lt can improve the fastness to sunlight

  2. This product is suitable for printing or dyeing fabrics with various direct and acid soluble dyes
  3. When the direct dye is used as the background color and the printing color,the treatment with this product can prevent the background color from permeating go to the dialing section

  4. It can be used as a fixing agent for Lake making and paper dyeing

Instructions for use

Immersion method

  • Cloth weight1-4% (o.w.f
  • 60 degree immersion time 20-30min, dehydration and dryin
  • Bath ratio 1:15-20

Dip rolling

  • The crosslinking of the initial shrinkage body can be finished by soaking, rolling and drying,and the general dosage is 15-20g/L

Packaging and storage

Non dangerous goods, packed in plastic bucket of 125kg, sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place. Avoid high temperature and exposure. The storage period is one year

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