Citric Acid

Citric acid(CA for short)is an important organic acid,also known as citric acid.The molecular formula C6H8O7,Is colorless crystal,which often contains one molecule of crystal water,odorless,has strong acid taste and is easy to dissolve in water.It has many uses in industry,food industry,cosmetic industry and so on

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Citric acid

Basic parameters

  • Chemical formula:C6H8O7
  • Melting point:153℃(water loss)
  • Boiling point:decomposition at175℃
  • Water solubility:soluble in water
  • Density:1.542g/cm3
  • white crystalline powder
  • Molecular weight:192.139
  • CAS:77-92-9

Application scope

  1. Formaldehyde pollution of clothing is a very sensitive problem.Citric acid and modified citric acid can be made into a formaldehyde free anti wrinkle finishing agent,which can be used for anti wrinkle finishing of pure cotton fabric.It not only has good anti wrinkle effect, but also has low cost.
  2. Citric acid or citrate can improve the performance of washing products,precipitate metal ions rapidly,prevent pollutants from re adhering to the fabric,and maintain the necessary alkaline washing.
  3. It is an excellent chelating agent to improve the performance of surfactant.
  4. It can be used as a reagent to test the acid resistance of building ceramic tiles
  5. Citric acid can be used as chemical analysis reagent in chemical technology,as experimental reagent,chromatographic analysis reagent andbiochemical reagent

Packaging storage

  1. Generally,plastic woven packaging is used,which is divided into inner and outer layers
  2. Store in a dry and cool place away from light,sealed,ventilated,with low room temperature

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