Wetting agent in Textile used for cotton and polyester nylon

Wetting agent TS-161 is suitable for low-foaming wetting agents for water-based coatings and water-based industrial paints. It has low dynamic surface tension and exhibits significant low-foaming characteristics and strong substrate wetting ability under high mechanical force.

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  • Overview

The wetting agent is a composite of a variety of organic compounds, which has excellent wetting effects and can impart moisture retention to cotton, nylon, polyester and their blended fibers.

  • Technical data

Appearance: transparent bright liquid

Solid content: 40%

Viscosity: 400—800mPa.s

PH value: 5-8

  • Characteristic

Wetting agent TS-161 has excellent wetting and dispersing properties for various inorganic and organic fillers in textile.

Wetting agent TS-161 has obvious advantages of low foaming, and it will not increase the difficulty of defoaming when the dosage is large.

Reduce the dynamic surface tension of water-based systems and is a good substrate wetting agent in textile.

No organic solvents, easy to use, good acid and alkali resistance.

  • Usage and dosage

The general dosage of wetting agent TS-161 is 1%-6%, and the user can adjust the dosage according to the specific situation.

  • Packaging and storage

50kg or 125kg plastic drum. Wetting agent TS-161 is non-toxic and non-flammable. It is stored and transported as non-dangerous goods, and its viscosity increases at low temperatures.

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