10min to 15min remove stick in denim with biopolishing enzymes

Biopolish enzymes is an neutral cellulase as parts of our finishing enzymes used in textile industry, specially used for super soft biological finishing and reduction treatment of denim fabric.

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Biopolishing enzymes XS 158

Data sheet:

  1.Appearance:brown liquid.
  2.Solubility:Soluble in water.
  3.Odor:fermentation fragrance.
  4.PH value:6.0-7.0

Application scope:

 1.Biopolishing enzymes can used on the surface of cotton fabric for unhairing、raising and imitating the old,and can used as the soft treatment process of cotton in textile.
 2.The special chemical composition contained in the treatment process can help to maintain the original color.
 3.It's soluble in water and will not leave any stain on the fabric it's an environmental friendly biopolishing in textile.


 1.High concentration composite products of biopolishing enzymes XS-158
 2.Super high vitality,used for cotton and linen fabric,strong polishing,thoroughly remove the fur and tendency of fluffing.
 3.Biopolishing enzymes is good stability,wide peak range,easy to use.
 4.In the textile industry biopolishing enzymes give the fabric a smooth appearance and soft hand feel.

Packaging storage:

1. Non-dangerous goods.
2. 25kg/carton packaging. 50kg/paper bucket with built-in bag.
3. Sealed & stored in cool、dry and ventilated place.
4. Avoid high temperature and insolation,
5. Storage period: one year.
6.Once package opened, please use it up ASAP. or sealed for next use. Do not mix with other products to prevent reaction.

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