Biodegradable enzyme Catalase hydrogen peroxide killer

Hydrogen peroxide killer is a product derived from the fermentation of genetically modified molds. It can completely decompose hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. It will neither react with dyes nor adversely affect the strength of the fiber.

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Hydrogen peroxide killer

Product Description:

  • CAS No:  9001-05-2
  • Apperance:  Brown Liquid
  • Storage:  Store at 25℃ or below in a sealed container
  • PH:  6.0-7.5(1% aqueous solution)
  • Temperature:  35-60℃

Features and Benefits:

  1. The hydrogen peroxide killer only works with hydrogen peroxide and can completely decompose the residual hydrogen peroxide in the oxygen bleaching liquid.
  2. Reducing the number of rinses after oxygen bleaching can significantly reduce the consumption of water, electricity, and steam, and reduce production costs.
  3. After treatment with catalase, dyes can be directly added for dyeing without draining the liquid.
  4. Enzymes and decomposition products (oxygen and water) have no significant effect on the shade and color fastness of dyed fabrics.
  5. The hydrogen peroxide killer operating temperature and pH range are wide, and are not greatly affected by external factors.
  6. With complete biodegradability, it is a green product.


After oxygen bleaching the pure cotton fabric, the residual hydrogen peroxide is removed.

Refer to Technology:

  • Hydrogen peroxide killer TS-322    Dosage: 0.05-0.1g/l
  • Ratio: 1:10                 PH: 5.0-8.0
  • Temperature: 35-60℃           Time: 10-20min

Technological process:

One-bath alkaline oxygen scouring and bleaching→washing and neutralization→adding hydrogen peroxide killer TS-322 (use hydrogen peroxide test paper to check whether the hydrogen peroxide has been completely decomposed)→(no need to drain) dyeing.


Packed in 25kg plastic drum.

Store storage:

Since hydrogen peroxide killer is a biological protein, high temperature will denature it and lose its vitality. The storage temperature should be paid attention to, and it should be placed in a cool warehouse. Avoid long-term storage in an environment above 30°C, and it is stable when stored below 25°C for six months.

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