High quality silicone softener as a textile finishing agent

Silicone softener TS-GB348 is the basic ingredient used in textile softening finishing agents.the chemicals has the best adsorption, compatibility and easy emulsification.Suitable for soft finishing of various textiles.

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Silicone softener TS-GB 348

Data sheet

 1.Appearance:Colorless & Transparent

 2.Solubility:Soluble in water

 3.Ionic:Weak catio

 4.PH value:6.0-8.0(1% aqueous solution)


  1. Silicone softener TS-GB348 can give fabric excellent smoothness、flexibility and drape in textile.
  2. Silicone softener TS-GB348 can give fabric good glossiness & increase the brightness.
  3. Less working fluid & foam.
  4. Textile finishing chemicals is no effect on Dry and Wet Rubbing Fastness, especially for microfiber polyester fabric.
  5. Fabric finishing agent have obvious hand feeling effect and outstanding smoothness and flexibility when used in polyester velvet fabric、Polyester cotton velvet、Cotton ammonia、 Cotton brocade、Plyester cotton、Polyester ammonia、Leather and other fabrics、etc. 
  6. Finishing chemicals is suitable for all kinds of fabrics with soft impregnation、strong adsorption、 easy absorption and no silicone oil spots in textile.


  1. Dip rolling process:printing and dyeing semi-finished products;
  2. Working solution:(one or two dip rolling)-drying-setting;
  3. Dosage:10-30g/L,(specific dosage depends on the fabric)
  4. Soaking rate:70±5%;
  5. Drying temperature 150-160℃;
  6. Time: 0.5-3min;

Packaging & Storage:

  1. Non-dangerous goods.
  2. 125kg/plastic bucket with built-in bag.
  3. Sealed & stored in cool and ventilated place.
  4. Avoid high temperature and insolation,
  5. Storage period: half year.

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