A weighting agent that can increase the fabric by 3%-15%

Weighting agent TS-359 widely used for weight gain finishing of various fibers. It is a special finishing aid to increase the mass of fabric per unit area, which can increase fabric weight by 3-15%.

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Weighting Agent TS-359

Physicochemical properties:

  • Appearance: light yellow liquid
  • Ionicity: non-ionic
  • Solubility: solvent in water
  • Compatibility: Stable compatibility with anions and cations

Product Features:

  1. No adverse effect on shade and color fastness, pure and gorgeous shade.
  2. Obvious weight gain effect, no harmful gas emissions.
  3. Excellent compounding ability, can compound softener.
  4. Weighting agent TS-359 has a very good antistatic effect.
  5. Does not contain organic chlorine and banned aromatic amines, the weighting agent has good effect and does not change color.

Application technology:

Two dips and two rolling are generally recommended

  • Pure wool fabric 50-120g/L
  • Blended fabric 30-100g/L
  • Fiber 80-150g/L
  • Drying temperature: 120-140℃   Time: 2-3 minutes

Storage and transportation:

The transportation is in accordance with the non-dangerous goods transportation regulations. 125kg plastic drum, transported in accordance with the regulations of non-dangerous goods transportation, stored in a cool and dry place, sealed shelf life is 6 months.

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