5 minutes to provide 30 days of anti microbial to fabrics

TS-RD 33 is an anti microbial product composed of titanium dioxide loaded with silver ions, which can provide good anti microbial effect for fabrics, and at the same time reduce the problem of oxidative discoloration of silver components in visible light.

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Anti Microbial Agent TS-RD 33

Anti Microbial agent for textile



  • Derivative of Silver Titanium Dioxide Complex

Physical Appearance:

  • light yellow liquid

  • Solubility: easily soluble in water

  • Ionicity: Non-ionic

Features and uses:

  • Can reduce odor caused by microbial reproduction, fresh and long-lasting.

  • The unique anti microbial mechanism of silver ions can kill bacteria, make them lose their ability to reproduce, and cannot produce the next generation of drug resistance.

  • It can be combined with hydroxyl and amine groups on the fiber, fixed on the fiber, and can form an anti microbial film on the surface of the fabric, so it has good antibacterial effect and fastness to washing and dry cleaning.
  • It can be carried out in the same bath with finishing processing such as softening processing.

Use process:

Dipping process:

  • 0.5-1%(o.w.f)

  • PH vale: 6.0-7.0

  • Temperature: 30°C~40°C

  • Time : 5-8 min

Padding process:

  • 15-50g/L

  • PH vale: 6.0-7.0

  • The fabric liquid rate is 70~100%

  • Temperature 100~150℃ drying

Packaging and storage:

  • 125 kg/140kg durm

  • Store and transport as general chemicals. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place to prevent rain.

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