Is water repellent good for rain ?

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"Water repellent" principle in textile water repellent agent

According to its performance, textile water repellent agents can be divided into four aspects: water and oil repellent, anti-fouling and easy to decontaminate. After finishing with different textile water repellent agents, the above four properties can be given to textiles.

Waterproofing refers to liquid water that drips on the surface of the textile and will not quickly penetrate into the fabric. Instead, it achieves a lotus leaf effect, rolling on the surface of the fabric in the form of water droplets, but there are still gaps on the surface of the textile. , Water molecules will penetrate into it. If they stay for a long time, the water will slowly and completely penetrate into the fabric. If under pressure, the water will also penetrate into the fabric.


The principle is to reduce the surface tension of the fabric so that the surface tension of the fabric is lower than that of water, so that when the water drops on the surface of the fabric, it is not easy to penetrate into the inner layer of the fabric, and stay on the surface of the fabric in the form of beads.

The principle of anti-oil and anti-fouling is the same as the principle of water repellent. They all change the composition of the fiber surface layer and firmly adhere to the fiber or combine with the chemical fiber to prevent the fabric from being wetted by common oily stains.

After the water  and oil repellent finishing, the textiles can resist rain and oil stains, and can discharge the sweat and perspiration of the human body in time, so as to keep the human body dry and warm. It is used in decoration and industrial fields with waterproof and oil-proof functions. Tablecloths, car protective covers, etc. are also popular.

So when it rains because your clothes have been waterproofed, the water will roll down in the form of droplets instead of quickly penetrating into the clothes. if you do not do waterproof finishing, then your clothes will be easily wetted by rain. If the rainfall is too large or the clothes are soaked in rain for too long, the waterproof effect will be worse.