Textile Brightening softener agent

The brightening and softening agent TS-YH is a polymer emulsion polymerized by high viscosity modified silicone polysiloxane.It is a smooth brightening finishing agent for textiles, which can give fabric its softness, brightness and smoothness

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Textile Brightening softener agent TS-YH

Basic parameters

  • Appearance:white pearlescent viscous flui
  • Chemical composition:organosilicon polysiloxane
  • Ionic:catio
  • H value:5.0-6.0

Product characteristics

  1. The non grease surface will not be greasy,yellowing or affecting the physical fastness
  2. It has excellent luster,dry and wet resistance,smoothness and sufficient oil feeling
  3. After fabric treatment,the wrinkle resistance and tear strength have a good effect
  4. It can give the special brightness and smoothness needed by the imitated shirting fiber
  5. The fabric treated by this product has good overall draping sense,ideal comprehensive bright hand 
    feeling and bright color


  1. Usage method: Add ts-yh to the metered cold water and hot water(60-70%)in proportion(for 
    example,10-15%),stir until it is completely dissolved,in a uniform paste shape, and cool for standby
  2. Application process:
  • Dip rolling method:5-30g/L,temperature30-40℃,two dip two rolling or one dip one rolling
  • Immersion method:0.5-3%(o.w.f)bath ratio 1:10-15,temperature40-45℃,15-30min

Packaging and storage

  1. Conventional packaging:120kg,plastic barrel lined with plastic bag
  2. It shall be sealed and stored in a cool,dry and ventilated place with a shelf life of 6 months

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