High concentration Softener oil

The High concentration softener oil TS-666 is a quaternary ammonium salt compound, which gives the fabric a soft and fluffy feel and good hydrophilicity

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High Concentration Softener oil TS-666


  • Appearance:light yellow to yellow brown viscous body
  • ionic: cation
  • PH value:4.0-6.0(1% aqueous solution)
  • effective substance:100%
  • Sugar content:72

Characteristics and advantages

  1. Suitable for hand finishing of cotton and its blended fabrics and yarns, with good fluffy 
  2. It is used for denim fabric that does not return blue and does not affect the fastness
  3. Very low yellowing, can be used for bleaching or light fresh color fabrics
  4. It has good hydrophilicity and antistatic property to improve the comfortable wearing feeling.
  5. High concentration product, 80 ℃ hot water chemical material

Application scope

It is suitable for hand finishing of cotton and its blended fabrics and yarns with good fluffy 

Packaging and storage

  1. Conventional packaging:120kg, plastic barrel lined with plastic bag
  2. It shall be sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place with a shelf life of 6 months; 
    non dangerous goods can be transported safely

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