scouring agents

Before dyeing and printing,textiles need to go through a certain scouring process to remove impurities and oil stains on the cloth surface.This scouring process is usually called refining.The chemical auxiliaries added in the refining process,which have the functions of penetration,emulsification,washing,dispersion and wetting,are called scouring agents

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Scouring agents TS-GLT

Basic parameters

  • PH value:6-8
  • Solubility:soluble in water
  • Ionic:negative/non-ionic
  • Cloud point:≥100°C

Applicable industry

Washing plant,dyeing plant,sizing plant,dyeing plant,paper support plant,paper products plant

Product characteristics

  1. Environmental protection additive,free of APEO,formaldehyde, heavy metal ions and harmful compounds
  2. It has many functions such as penetration,emulsification, dispersion,washing,etc.it is a new type of high-efficiency scouring agent
  3. The scouring agent can not only be used in the pretreatment of various fibers,but also can be used as dye penetrant in dyeing process due to its high permeability


  • For refining,desizing,degreasing and bleaching:2-5g/L
  • Used in soaping process after dyeing and printing:1~2G/L

Packaging and storage

  1. 125kg/plastic drum packaging
  2. Store in airtight and cool place,avoid high temperature and insolation,and the storage period is one year

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