Cold hand feeling silicone oil

Cold hand feeling silicone oil is developed from a special modified silicone, which belongs to a special silicone polymer

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Cold hand feeling silicone oil TS-800

Basic parameters

  • Appearance:transparent viscous liqui
  • Ionic:cati
  • PH value:6.0-7.0
  • Chemical composition:special organosilicon polymer

Characteristics and advantages

  1. Special structure,not ordinary amino silicone oil
  2. After the treatment of the fabric,the fabric feels soft and smooth,and has a good elastic style,giving the fabric a cool hand like silk
  3. It can be used alone,with good drapability,and can also be used in combination with other softeners
  4. During the operation,there is no phenomenon of traditional silicone oil sticking roller,sticking cylinder,floating oil and demulsification
  5. It can give the fabric a silky feel of smoothness,fullness and washability
  6. After treatment,the fabric is comfortable to wear and has a cold and moist touch
  7. It has good permeability and can enter into the fabric fiber to make the fabric smooth,soft and cool

Application scope

  1. It is suitable for scouring cotton, cotton stretcher and mercerized cotton to finish super cool skating feeling
  2. Jeans washing water and leather care also have good hand feeling performance

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